Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well, the time has finally come...I have more books and games then home...actually that time has been in existence for many years BUT...I've finally done something about it. And my solution is...Da da da daaaaa..Bookcases :D. Yes..I've built them, much to the extreme pleasure of my husband. And here they are

It took me about two weeks total as I had to do them custom, (they're almost 9 feet) but but I'm really pleased with the results. As I told my husband...they're exactly as I'd envisioned them.
Once I got them done, I realized that building them was indeed the easy part. It seemed that EVERY room in my house, and in every nook and cranny, there was some sort of literature, video or game. It took forever to find everything and I'm pretty sure I've missed Most of the books went on the double shelves and I decided to store the majority of the baby books as my youngest is now 11, but some of them were too dear to me to part with in storage, so they stayed :D
Anyway, things are much neater now, and It worked out so well, I've decided to do some built in in this room as well...Quite the adventure


Cath said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm in awe of anyone who is clever enough to build their own bookcases. And what a wonderful bookcase too! You should be very proud. I love all your books lined up - you have quite a few that I also have.

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

TY :D They really do give me a lot more space. I'll have to post the double one full...but there's ALWAYS room for more books ;)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your bookshelf looks stunning! I am so full of envy.

I need to upgrade my shelf if possible as big as yours