Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Covers That Make Me Say...Really??

 I'm writing this post because there are sooo many book, magazine, video, and even game covers that truly make me say....Really?? So I've decided to share :D

In complete fairness, I'll also add information, and/or reviews on the current apple of my eye. For although their covers may be an enigma to me, that is not to say that they aren't amazing works.

This week...Kiss of Snow
                       Author: Nalini Singh
                       Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: Berkley Hardcover (May 31, 2011)
Release Date: May 31, 2011

I was searching for new Science Fiction & Fantasy books when I came across this cover. Well, to say the least it made me After I came back to reality I read the summary on a few different sites and, low and behold...It sounds like an interesting for reals, the story sounds good!
I think my "Really?" moment occurred because the cover is a bit soft porny to me.  It sounds like an entertaining read, and I'm sure it would hold it's own without such an "eye catching" cover. I'm not big on romance novels, but if you're a fan this could be a whole lot of fun.
If any of you have had "Really??" moments...I'd love to hear them :D

                      Goodreads Summary

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh's exhilarating world of shapeshifters and psychics is "paranormal romance at its best" (Publishers Weekly). Now comes the story of an alpha wolf named Hawke used to getting exactly what he wants--and of the only woman who dares tangle with him.


Novroz said... Best Blogger Tips

wow...that cover will make me think more than twice to buy it. I also think it's a bit porn. Hehe it would raise a lot of eyebrow if I read that in the bus ;)

I also don't enjoy romance book...I can take romance manga, not book.

my 'really' covers book is shiver, a lot of people read and praised it...but the cover is you know, doesnt look like a good book.

ps. thanks for changin the comment form :)

Carmen said... Best Blogger Tips

Definitely looks like something Mills & Boon would produce.

Thanks for stopping by today :D So great that someone else read The Replacement and I can rave about it, it's SO good isn''t it?

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yes it is :D Seriously loved it! And, the pleasure was mine...great site :D

Carl V. said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not a big fan of the more 'romancey' covers on paranormal romance books. I like the urban fantasy covers a bit better, but even those are getting difficult to distinguish from all their counterparts. I've read paranormal romance before (Colleen Gleason's Gardella series) and enjoyed it, but by and large I wouldn't pick up these kinds of books because the covers just drive me away.

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Carl: I agree. It's hard to take a book seriously with this type of "Presentation". ;) Even if the content is good, I wouldn't generally pick it up...I may however look it over for a know, just to critique the

Carl V. said... Best Blogger Tips

Of course, lol!