Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet

I saw this one over at Polychrome Interest and thought it might be fun :D
So here we go....
I thought I should preface this meme by saying that these are not the greatest movies of all time, with the best acting, special effects and movie scores. (Although some of them are, in my opinion :) These are movies that, If they're on...I'm watching them. They're also movies that, if they're not on...I put them on once in a while. In essence, I never get tired of seeing them :D

A is for Annie: Love the 1982 version with Carol Bernett and Albert Finney.
B is a tie between Blade Trinity, and Best in Show...both of which contain Parker Posey.

C is for Conan the Destroyer...oh, yes is is :D

D is for The Dark Crystal

E....The Empire Strikes Back

F= The Fifth Element

G stands for...Goonies

H...Hocus Pocus

I can only be Indiana Jones...What, you want me to choose...Raiders :D

J (after much deliberation) shall be JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS
I know...he's fighting skeletons!!!!

K: Krull, Krull, Krull

L .... One L to Rule them all, One L to Find them, One L to bring them all, and in the Darkness Bind them
Lord of the Rings

M :D My Neighbor Totoro

and I can't forget
Meet me in Saint Louis

O...nce again The Divine Miss M
Outrageous Fortune

P is for Princess...Bride that is

Q...Shhhhhh, The Quiet Man

Rrrrraising Arizona

and a qiuck shout to Resident Evil

it'S Singing in the Rain

Woof I <3 me some Gene Kelly...yummy


Double Woof Captain Picard

U have to love Underworld

Vaaaannn  Helsing

And I also have to add Christmas Vacation...I HAVE too

W Is for When Harry Met Sally

X-Men Too easy

Y I love Lucy...
Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)

Z..for me
Zoolander..I know, but really...Zoolander


animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

So, after I post this, I go in my room and right on top of my Star Wars Trilogy I see one of my very most favorite movies EVER....Willow. I have no idea why it's not on this list except for the fact that I'm a little absent minded. So do me a favor...just act like it's

DesLily said... Best Blogger Tips

lol.. wow a lot of work collecting photos here!!!.. ahhh Willow! love that movie myself!.. I am know Krull !!!! I always thought that was the best made fantasy up until "special effects" really took off.. i especially love the "widow" and thought the magician was funny.

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

I especially enjoyed the fire mares :D It definitely took me a while to collect everything, but it was a lot of fun

bokunosekai said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow...your list is exquisite! I really like your way of introducing each movie, far better than mine.

I couldn't help not to smile seeing Arnie's picture...I haven't seen him in that shape again for ages

Thank you for mentioning my blog :hug: