Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why Do You Blog?

I've been contemplating this lately, and I quickly realized that it was a two part question. Why do I write Blogs...and why do I read them?

Why I write them:
At first I merely wanted to have a convenient way to access other peoples blogs.

Then, I began writing a few everyday events to share personal experiences that I thought might help others.

Now, I write strictly for the sheer enjoyment of it. Much like building things around the house, It's a constructive outlet for me. As a dyslexic child writing was, (to put it mildly) a challenge, and as an adult....It still is, but it no longer holds the negative connotations it once did for me.

Do I write As a matter of fact I pale in comparison to so many that I read. I write much the same way I talk. There's no poetry in it, no beautiful flow of music to my words, It's simply something that makes me happy.
To quote Jehnna, from Conan the Destroyer "I go where I feel myself led"...and I am...led to blog. I geek right! But it's always been one of my favorite

Now, why do I read Blogs? Soooo many reasons, but I'll just skim over a few.

To see what's new and exciting :D I'm always looking for new books, not only for myself, but for my children as well. I have found a plethora of bright new additions to our library through the blogs I read. And because the posts are so varied, the fact that my kids enjoy different genres than I do is never an issue.

Someone else can be my guinea pig...uh...I mean...can give me their opinions of a book before I decide to purchase No, but all kidding aside, seeing a book through the eyes of someone whose opinion you respect is an incredible perk when making a decision to buy.

Once more with the dyslexia: I was unable to read when I was younger. As a result, I understand that what comes easily to many is coveted by those with the inability to partake. It's a privilege that I now take full advantage of. Whether It's reading Blogs, books or cereal boxes..It's something I do every day.

Last but not least: Many of the posts are so incredibly well written, they can be almost as rewarding as reading the book. Though they don't offer any spoilers, the descriptions of characters, story, setting and even the bloggers personal feelings experienced while reading the book, offer vast amounts if insight. Their pure talent leaves me in awe, and I am humbled by their mastery of the written word.

Why do you blog?


Carl V. said... Best Blogger Tips

I am in my 7th year of blogging and by now I thought I would no longer be answering that question, but inevitably every so often I find myself contemplating that very thing and your question comes in the heart of just one of those times.

While I continue to hold on to the idea that I blog for myself, that is only partially true. I continue blogging because I want people to read what I write and I want them to have a reaction to it. Not for my own "fame" or anything so narcissistic as that, but mostly because I like to talk about the things I like and I want people to talk back. I love generating conversation around things I am passionate about and discovering people who have similar passions (or just other passions they want to share about) so that I can go read what they are writing, see what they are making, etc.

With the newly redesigned blog coupled with a friend who is passionate about merging blogs and social media with a work product talking to me regularly I am going through the phase of continuing what I already do, only doing it more regularly (and I've noticed the blog redesign has me posting much more often right now) and trying to do some new things. I haven't really started the "new" yet, but it will be coming, so long as the things I am planning right now continue to line up with my goals.

I did decide recently that I needed to get out of some ruts, get involved in more social media, and merge my blog with that. And I feel good about it. But I don't just want to use that as a platform to say "look at me" and drive people to my blog for self-serving reasons.

In the end I always hope to inspire people. I hope to encourage people to read. I hope to encourage people to create art, whatever that means to them. I hope to point out worthwhile books, artists, films, music to people. I hope to ignite passion in others and feel I can do so by bringing passionate, creative people to the attention of anyone who will take the time to come visit my blog.

So, there is the short answer. And when I typed that I was kidding but in reality it probably is the short answer.

Nymeth said... Best Blogger Tips

I think to me the simplest and truest answer is: to connect with other people. I also love what you say about blogging being a creative outlet. That's true for me as well - no matter how subpar the end result I find the act of writing really rewarding in itself.

DesLily said... Best Blogger Tips

it is absolutely a creative outlet. In my instance (though it took me a while) it's through photo's for me.. i'm certainly not a poetic writer LOL..(just check in archives of when I first began!... sad indeed lol)

It's also meeting others and like Carl mentions finding the others th at have some of the same interests you do..

and for "we" elderly..we don't quite feel as alone .

Carl V. said... Best Blogger Tips

Blogging certainly does help people be connected, doesn't it Pat? I'm thrilled I've met you and others through it.

Cath said... Best Blogger Tips

For me it was the connection with other people that started it. I simply wanted to join in and make friends with other bookish people. Then I found I was enjoying the physical act of writing the blog. It stretches my brain and makes me think about my reaction to the books I read. And I love reading other people's posts! Plus, the friendships I've made are second to none, much closer in some cases than real life friends.

Glad to count you as one of new friends, Kelly. :-)

Chris said... Best Blogger Tips

I love blogging for the relationships I've made :) I've made some of what I consider to be the best friends in the world through blogging!! And I'm SO like you Kelly! I write exactly how I talk too, lol.

Carl V. said... Best Blogger Tips

As far as I can gather, I don't write like I talk at all. Or, as my wife just pointed out, it is *rarely* the way I talk. Sometimes I spend a great deal of time crafting my posts and other times (usually my better posts) it just flows out. I write like the voice in my head sounds and that voice can be easily influenced by whatever I happen to have watched or read recently. Sometimes I wish I could talk in a more collected manner, like what happens when I have a good blog post, because there are times when I feel really tongue tied or like I cannot quite get the passion or mood I am feeling out through my words effectively.

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Carl: your writing style is one that speaks...And listens, If you know what I mean. It's certainly geared toward the enjoyment of your readers, but clearly emphasizes how much you relish the act of writing as well. It's a wonderful combination and very engaging :D Oh and speaking of being kids always laugh at me because whenever I speak to people with accents..I pick up the accent..It's absolutely uncontrollable, so I can relate to outside

Nymeth: The connections have become an added bonus for me as well. I would NEVER use the word subpar in reference to anything you write. You write beautifully and eloquently. It's literally soothing to read your posts. I can only compare it to the feeling I get when I go to the art gallery. Viewing paintings and sculpture give me that same tranquility...Love it :D

Pat: I love your pictures...And your writing..It's clear and concise, always with a hint of humor :D I'm truly glad I've met you, and hopefully on the next trip to Florida I'll get to spend more time with you..and the pond again <3

Cath: And I you as well :D I have to say, I also enjoy the interaction between you and Pat, It's lovely to see friendships (sisterships) as close as yours.
You're absolutely right, It makes you analyze what you've read and the reaction you have to it. Very well said ;)

Chris: I too am finding the friendships to be a wonderful part of the blogging experience :D In one of your reply's you said you were sorely lacking in the written word as well. To that I must say...Hell no you're not! At least in my opinion :D If you write the way you talk, you're a deeply loving, compassionate, Passionate person, because that's what comes across in your posts. You truly care about the world around you, and its inhabitants. Those are amazing qualities, and they come through in your writings.

Thank you all. I've very much enjoyed learning a little more about you, and your motivations for blogging :D

Carl V. said... Best Blogger Tips

I understand the accent thing, my wife grew up in the South and if she is around people with a southern accent for more than a few minutes then she is off and running.

I don't pick up accents but I do pick up words. If I watch a lot of British television I'll find myself just naturally using British words or sentence structures without thinking twice about it. I just soak that stuff up like a sponge.

Melissa (Books and Things) said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice post! I blog b/c then I have an excuse to support my book habit. ;)

Oh, and about the dyslexia. I have it, but it doesn't affect my reading in my case. Also, know this... what doesn't come easily understood by others you may find simple! ;)

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Ty..I know what you mean. I'll rationalize my book habit any way I
You know you're right! The mind absolutely makes up for it's shortcomings in other ways. Oh, and about the reading. Out of five children, my first two are dyslexic, but they both read exceedingly well. I'm so glad of that, and the fact that most things are done on the computer these days, really compensates for their writing challenges :D It absolutely effects different people in different ways. Thank you so much for sharing :D

....Petty Witter said... Best Blogger Tips

A fascinating post and so thought provoking.

I love to talk but because of my mobility issues spend much time at home alone - blogging has therefore become one of my ways of 'talking' with people.

Novroz said... Best Blogger Tips

What a nice post,Kel.
I should have asked this question to myself too.I have 4 blogs in total (2 very active ones, 1 in hibernate period and the other between life and death).

I am very proud of my 2 blogs,my own and my pet...we made great friend throughout blogosphere.

It really is nice to meet another blogger with same passion, but what makes me blog is still because I WANT TO WRITE. Because of my blog, I am now learning to write stories (not that good but at least I have tried).

I am thrilled to know people are reading what I have written and I am so happy I have met wonderful people through blogging, including you Kel. I like the way you you said very you :)

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Petty: Thank you :D You know I've never thought of it that way. Even though you have mobility issues, you virtually have no limitations at all when it comes to blogging. Even language isn't a barrier. It must be a very freeing experience, and one that I'm beginning to realize, I have taken for granted. I always appreciate a good reality check...And I thoroughly enjoy your blog :D

Novroz: When you first commented on my Moribito post I was sooo excited. To have someone share the appreciation I have for anime and even teach me more about it in the process, has been a wonderful experience :D And I have to say, the fact that you're teaching yourself Japanese is both amazing and inspiring. I feel very lucky to have met you :D

Carmen said... Best Blogger Tips

See, now I feel really shallow. I started blogging because I used to be a really huge comper. I'm talking thousands of competitions a week. A lot of them I was finding you needed a blog to enter. So... my little place was born.

Now, nearly two years on... it's a hub for my arty crafty endeavours and a book review or two... plus many a rambly waffle on not very much at all. I can't believe what a wonderful community the Blogger community is and have made what I really feel to be true friends through it - one of which I travel halfway across the country to see twice a year - we are like twins seperated at birth!

It's allowed me to become part of a design team and in turn I write their newsletter now. I would hardly dare believe people would want to read the rubbish I spout on my blog let alone inflict it on a their customers! It has been a huge boost to my own self confidence and also helped with slight depression. I am so very shy in real life but it's also helped with that too.

I've now started getting books directly from publishers to review and that just blows me away.

Apart from all this - I visit other blogs for inspiration, friendship, laughs... the occasional tear... I don't know what I'd do without my little corner of the blogosphere now.

As for the comps - occasionally I enter them now. Nowhere near the scale I was - maybe a dozen or so at most a week these days. I'm far to busy with all the doors that have opened up to me :)

Carmen said... Best Blogger Tips

I've also been told I talk like I type too - that's what makes it so great when you read other peoples blogs, it's such a personal thing :)