Sunday, July 17, 2011

Death Note and Death Note Two

Title: Death Note....Death Note Two (The Last Name)
Release 2008
Directed by Shūsuke Kaneko
Produced by: Toyoharu Fukuda
Takahiro Kohashi
Takahiro Satō
Seiji Okuda (The Last Name) 
Music by: Kenji Kawai
Studio: NTV, Warner Bros
Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami
Kenichi Matsuyama as L
Erika Toda as Misa Amane
Asaka Seto as Naomi Misora
Shidou Nakamura as Ryuk (voice)
Shinnosuke Ikehata as Rem (Voice in Death Note: The Last Name)
Shigeki Hosokawa as Raye Iwamatsu
Shunji Fujimura as Watari
Takeshi Kaga as Soichiro Yagami
Yuu Kashii as Shiori Akino
Hikari Mitsushima as Sayu Yagami
Shin Shimizu as Kanzo Mogi

When I spotted these movies in Coconuts I was so elated I got a bit teary...yes, I was really that excited. The anime version was one of my very most favorites and to be able to own the live action films was a dream come true.

This movie is about a college student, (genius really) named Light Yagami. He discovers a mysterious notebook, called the "Death Note", lying on the ground. Once he touches it, he's able to see a shinigami, (death spirit) named Ryuk, who reveals some of the books secrets, but by no means all. The notebook states that if you write someones name in it while picturing their face, the person will die. Although skeptical, after some experimentation....Light discovers that is indeed authentic. 
Having grown up with a police officer as a father, he realizes that justice isn't always swift, and that sometimes the guilty do not get the punishment they deserve. As a result, Light decides to take matters into his own hands and starts executing criminals.....a lot of criminals, under the persona known as Kira. All the while Lights' father Soichiro Yagami along with the mysterious L, has been leading the investigation to hunt down Kira. 

The Last Name:
The eccentric and childlike L is determined to uncover Kira, and being a genius himself, they are equally matched. Light always manages to stay a step ahead of him but L closes in little by little, despite the fact that Light has taken on an accomplice named Misa, who also has a Death Note. For certain reasons Misa sees Kira as her God...her hero. With her shinigami Rem, she is able to Look at someone and kill them....but will she be able to see L's face? In the end will light be willing to sacrifice his own father to achieve his be the god of his new world.

The way I see it: If I expressed to you all of the twists, turns and manipulation that actually existed in these movies this review would be full of spoilers...not something I would do ;) The deranged labyrinth that is lights mind was like a fun-house to me...such a good time :D The movies stayed, (for the most part) true to story. L, (who is my absolute favorite character) was flawless. Kenichi Matsuyama literally was L, he completely immersed himself in this role. Truly incredible. 

The bad, the bad, and the ugly: They changed the ending. In my opinion... Americanized it. It was still good, but I am a fan of the...somewhat brutal at times, Asian style of anime and movies. Also in the anime series Light was always obsessed with power, and vocalized it often. They really didn't emphasize this in the films.

Love it or Leave it: OMG loved it!!! It was sooo much fun and Light was sooo messed up...quite the sick puppy ;) The fact that it did stay basically true to the story was big for me. The shinigami looked great, (it was eerie in and came across with a lot of personality. Erika Toda as Misa, also did a phenomenal job with her role. 

Note: You probably would only be fond of these movies if you enjoy anime, or Japanese style films. I, being a fan of both....was in my glory :D


Novroz said... Best Blogger Tips

First the note>> that is what I meant by saying Beck is going to be enjoyed more by Asian ;) as I said before,I should have said people who enjoy Japanese Anime and Manga.

For the review: Excellent,I love it!!

As for the actors: I TOTALLY AGREE that MatsuKen was flawless as L...he was brilliant!!!

However, I don't love the movie as much as you,it is because my favorite character in Death Note is Kira and Tatsuya Fujiwara failed badly as Kira. His emotion is so not right. I felt annoyed when I can't see the different between Kira who had let Ryuku go and Kira with Ryuku. The manga clearly showed how different the expression and the shine in Kira's eye when he is still Kira without the Death Note

wheels209 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kelly,
I like your varied tastes in things. I am wondering if you enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist?? I have to take my anime in baby steps because I do not care for all of it. That is the problem to be honest, I have not found a way to view anime before buying it in most cases. I am talking about the really strange titles. The less popular ones. I had a few on laser disk before they went by the way side.

I am so excited because I have someone else to talk anime with. Woot,woot!! Thanks!! I am off to watch some Fullmetal.

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Nov: I agree, Tatsuya Fujiwara absolutely failed as Kira :( You hit the nail right on the head, it was the emotion. I don't feel that he really studied the character enough. Light is immeasurably complex, and that didn't come across well enough. But I was only in it for L, so it worked for

Steve: Yes, I love Fullmetal! In all it's dark twisted I'm lucky enough to have anime on demand and some series I watch on netflix, but I'm always on the lookout for new shows online :D Enjoy!

Melissa (Books and Things) said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay, I'm curious. I have heard about the anime and so know a smidge about this one. However, I didn't know there was a live action type movie! Those characters look freaky and I really want to see them move! LOL Great review!

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

It's a lot of fun...especially when Ryuk smiles...sweet *and* very

Nymeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Like I was telling you on tumblr, I don't know what happened with me and this series! I'd like to watch these some day, but I'll probably try to finish reading the books first.

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Nymeth: I hope you enjoy them :D

....Petty Witter said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't say I've ever watched any Japanese style animation (unless you count Howl's Castle, is that Japanese? I think so) and looking at the characters you feature in this post I'm not too sure I'd enjoy these films - kind of scary aren't they?

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Petty: Yes :D Believe it or not they're not scary at least these movies. I don't really enjoy things that are really scary. These are just fun :D

wheels209 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kelly,
I just joined netflix. Can you please recommend some anime that you enjoy so that I can get my feet wet. Jump right in....(Big Grin). Thanks so much my friend have a great week.
Take care,

wheels209 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kelly,
I just watched GI Joe the movie. Not really anime but still a kick butt movie. Oh Yes, liked that one a lot.
Take care,

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

@wheels209OMG Right!!! *Love* that movie. I bought the blue-ray which..for me means that I enjoyed it immensely, and that it will be watched has So glad you enjoyed it :D

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

@wheels209Hey Steve, are you strictly looking for anime similar to know, the (what I would call) "darker" variety, or are you interested in different types? I'm loving this question btw..I never get to recommend anime because I just don't know too many people that are into it..Blogging surely closes the TY

wheels209 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kelly,
I am looking for all types of anime. I saw one yesterday about two brothers who get stranded on a strange planet and want to get home. There names were ry and Thor. Pretty good series all in all but not as good as FM. Kelly, if you ever get tired of me talking to you about this just slap me up-side the computer. Be gentle please I bruise easy lol!! I also like the Dresden Files, so you will be seeing a lot of me. Please don't run away screaming lol. Talking to you about anime and other things that interest both of us is much fun for me too. Thank-you, have a great day my friend.

wheels209 said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kelly,
I finished the anime series that I talked about earlier. Jyu oh sei. Liked it.

Carmen said... Best Blogger Tips

Now THIS looks interesting. I may have to hunt this out - the stills you've posted and your obvious passion for the series (which I've never heard of) has won me over. One to add to my list.

Carl V. said... Best Blogger Tips

Hadn't heard of these at all but the pics alone (plus your description of course) makes me want to check them out. Ryuk looks tres creepy!