Sunday, July 3, 2011

On My Wishlist-Shadow Raiders

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Shadow Raiders
Author: Margaret Weis & Robert Krammes
Publisher: DAW Hardcover (May 3, 2011)
Hardcover: 544 pages

All information gleaned from: M.W. Website
Shadow Raiders is the first volume in a new epic military fantasy series-by New York Times bestselling author Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes

Book One of the Dragon Brigade Series...

Lord Captain Stephano de Guichen, formerly of the Dragon Brigade, and his disparate group of friends who call themselves the Cadre of the Lost, are hired by the powerful Countess de Marjolaine, to find a Royal Armory journeyman who has mysteriously vanished, along with an invention that could revolutionize warfare. The Countess fears the invention may fall into the hands of their enemies. Always in need of money, Stephano and his friends undertake what they think is an easy job, only to discover they are being dogged by spies and targeted by assassins.

Meanwhile, Father Jacob Northrop, a priest of the feared Arcanum, and his Knight Protector, Sir Ander Martel, are dispatched to investigate the massacre of a hundred nuns at the Abbey of Saint Agnes. A lone survivor claims the nuns were attacked by demons from Hell.

Stephano and his friends take to the skies in their airship, the Cloud Hopper, still on the trail of the journeyman. Their route takes them near the Abbey of Saint Agnes. As they draw near, the Cloud Hopper comes under attack by what appear to be demons riding giant bats. Stephano teams with Father Jacob and Sir Ander and a dragon from his old brigade to fight the hellish forces.

After the battle, one question is on everyone's mind: Are these truly demons sent by the Evil One? Is this the Apocalypse?

As Father Jacob searches the Abbey to find the answer, he uncovers a startling secret that nearly gets him and Sir Ander killed. Stephano's search for the journeyman almost ends in disaster, as he and his friends encounter the deadly Freyan assassin, Sir Henry Wallace.

Schemes and tricks, lies and intrigues culminate in an exciting chase through the skies that comes to a shocking end, when friends and foes alike are caught up in the unexpected and terrifying conclusion.

"And don't worry - a swashbuckling RPG is in development in time for a Gen Con Release!"

OMG!!! SWASHBUCKLING!!! You had me at hello. I'm soooo looking forward to reading this one and the RPG. I love Margaret Weis <3 On her site she also talks about the mistake on the cover and how there will be a reprinting. I'm hoping the get one of the flawed ones...I'm weird like that. I'm of the mindset that imperfections give things character :D I've taken the liberty of highlighting, (what  I felt) were the particularly all consuming, make me absolutely have to get this book and RPG parts. 


Cath said... Best Blogger Tips

Isn't Margaret Weis something to do with the Dragonlance books that Pat reads? I've read a couple too and enjoyed them. But this is a new series to me. I love the cover!

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, she writes those with Tracy Hickman. This is I new series, I love the cover as well :D

DesLily said... Best Blogger Tips talkin'bout me? lol.. yes Weis and Hickman are the greatest together! Their Dragonlance series was fabulous! I cannot imagine Weis writing with someone else!! I will check into this but I think because I have so many books here many I would like are not making it into the house anymore! argh!

Melissa (Books and Things) said... Best Blogger Tips

How did I miss this one yesterday? No matter, caught it now! :)

Oh I wonder how the RPG will play out in this one. Hope you get it!

....Petty Witter said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds wonderful though the cover puts me in mind of Harry Potter.

Novroz said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like an interesting adventure. It is quite thick. Hope you enjoy it.

Btw, what's swashbuckling?

animewookie said... Best Blogger Tips

Melissa: TY :D

Petty: I hope it is :D

Nov: Adventurous, like a swordsman or pirate. Extroverted, loud and charming :D