Thursday, August 18, 2011

Her...An Indonesian Short Story Review

      This will be my first time participating in Indonesian Short Story Month. It's hosted by Novia at Polychrome Interest and you can review your own short story through the month of August.

"Once you have finished reading any short stories by Indonesian writers, please kindly share what you think about the story either in the comment form or in your blog (leave the link in the comment form or pingback this post)."

Her, Is a story of woman whose husband decides he's not happy at home and remedy's this by marrying an additional woman ...simplistic right...wrong. The complexity of the emotions this "Perfect wife" goes through are so realistic, to be quite honest I wanted to give her husband a good wallop. 
Her own anger, the anger and embarrassment of their children, the realization, and then finally acceptance that no matter how exceptional a wife she is, her husband will never truly love or be devoted only to her, and the turmoil she feels in regard to "Her". These are things that anyone could relate to, regardless of culture.

This story had me putting myself in the main characters position time and time again, and wondering how I would react if it were me. Would I be as self sacrificing? I'm not sure I could. I've seen women...and men in my own country staying with their spouse for similar reasons. In the beginning of the story I thought I might not be able to respect the first wife, but I found that by the end I did. She was much stronger than I had anticipated and I was thankful for that. I myself would not be able to make the same choices, but I found that I was happy she had some closure and understanding at the end of this story.

I've added some snippits and a link to the intire story as well as author info

               Her...By Titis Basino 

"Just like that I let him leave. I listened to the steadily fading sound of his car as he drove away. The motor grew fainter and fainter until it was finally drowned out by the children’s voices. At moments like that I felt that he accepted the freedom I had given him with too obvious relief."
".On the nights when my husband was with me and talked about 
"her," I listened to him with an odd mixture of patience and dejection. Deep down I begged that he would become tired of "her," but he never did".

" I appreciated her where I had once feared her. Had I met her earlier I would have been impressed with her cunning at capturing a husband; now I was impressed with the graceful manner in which she protected her rival’s feelings."
Sending a big thank you to Novia. I really enjoyed this story and am grateful to have participated :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Current Mosaic Progress


It's slow going, but I'm really enjoying it :D My mother swears once my daughter leaves for college on the 24th I'll have the entire house