Friday, November 22, 2013

Chrome Shelled Regios Anime

Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
Written by Mamiko Ikeda
Studio Zexcs
Licensed by  Funimation Entertainment
Original run January 11, 2009 –June 20, 2009
Episodes 24

As we begin this series Layfon Wolfstein Alseif, our main man, gives the impression of being kind, innocent...even a bit goofy. And although he is all of those things, he is very much more ;)

Some Background: 
Layfon lives in a post-apocalyptic polluted world filled with mutated monsters called Contaminoids.

Humans live in cities called Regios which are controlled by, and named after Electronic Spirits. Most regios travel around of their own volition avoiding the contaminoids.

 Humans skilled in the military arts learn to use weapons called DITE in conjunction with an inner power called Kei to defend themselves and their cities from the contaminoids. 


Layfon, Felli and Nina, to me, are the most important characters in the series, although arguably there are several other players in this game that the story-line simply would not work without. 

There is something terribly wrong with Zuellni, the Electronic Spirit that controls the academic regios they are living in. She is directing them towards the contaminoids and if they can't discover why, the city and all of it's inhabitants will be destroyed.


There are so many wonderful things to say about this series. I am seriously amazed that they were able to include soooo much character background in 24 episodes...and believe me...there are a lot of characters. 
It was done through the use of flashbacks and it was perfectly done through those flashbacks ;) 
Visually striking?...Yes, because I am all about the eye candy ;) 
The creators even managed to add a mini series within this series that also drew you in. How amazing is that?! 
I didn't want to offer any spoilers so I left out about fifty thousand things but trust me...there's a lot more to this.
The beautifully meshed use of emotional and physical darkness and light truly set this series apart.

The mystery...the timing...the comedy and all makes for one of the best series I've ever had the pleasure to watch ;)