Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Legon Trilogy Book Review

Legon Awakening (Legon, #1) 2010
Legon Ascension (Legon Series #2) 2011
Legon Restoration (Legon Series #3) 2012

By Nicholas Taylor
Published by Createspace

I started reading this trilogy because the first book was free on Goodreads and the story-line sounded interesting...and come was free ;) The cover also caught my eye because...well.... I love me some dragons!

The story revolves around a young man named Legon and his sister Sasha. They aren't actually related by blood but have a symbiotic connection that is gradually explained throughout the series. Things are not as they seem in the quiet town of Salmont where they have been raised. When the treachery of the Iumenta ruler forces them to flee, their journey evolves them both mentally and physically into something far beyond their wildest imaginations.

My thoughts: 

The not so good:
I must start out by saying I don't know if these books were edited...even a little bit. The spelling and grammatical errors are abundant...and that's coming from a dyslexic ;) The characters express themselves in very childlike ways...often. It was like adolescent lie. The world building was confused and lacking and the antagonists were seldom heard from. Details, details, details...not enough.

Also, on the about the author on Goodreads he states, "I didn't want to write until October of 2007. While I was driving around with a friend and said "hey, I wonder if I can write a book." So he thought he would try and write outline and see what happens." 

I don't really know how I feel about this statement. I'm not sure if it's pretentious or immature or just an innocent (if thoughtless) thing to say. I'm not a writer, but I would imagine it would intail hard work, long hours and blood, sweat and tears to be successful at it. 

The things I enjoyed: 

The history of the races...Elves, Humans and Iumenta. How they became what they are, the previous war, and their connection to the Dragons. The plot twists (although not all were fully explained) The childlike qualities of the characters, It was endearing at times. 

Call me crazy, but with all it's flaws I still enjoyed the story-line and the characters. I gave this trilogy a 3 on Goodreads.

These books had the potential to be great...they weren't...they settled for ok to good...but the potential was there.