Friday, February 21, 2014

Bonded Book Review

Title: Bonded
Author: Mande Matthews
Published Dec 2011
Pages: 286 Kindle

I hadn't gotten to the book store and was dying for something to read (and by that I mean truly desperate to get into another world ...dying!) If you're a reader you get it ;) 

Anyway, I was looking through Goodreads (A gift from the gods btw;) and I happened upon a free book prequel by the name of The Light Keepers.

 Looking at the cover, it was obviously fantasy and after reading the description, appeared to have a strong female lead...usually a good thing ;) Also... I'm not gonna lie, free is always worth a shot ;)
 So I took a chance.......and I really enjoyed it :D

The only thing was, it gave me a preview of the next book, Bonded...which (not unexpectedly) left me hanging. So  of course I purchased it (Only $3.99 btw, quite a steal if you ask me  ;)

Aaaaaand here's what I thought of it :D

Bonded is the first installment of the ShadowLight Saga series. This book introduces us to a young man named Hallad Avarson. He's the son of Avarr Godhi the village chieftain and has a younger sister named Emma. Two other important characters are Erick Sigtrigson, Hallad's sworn blood brother who is in love with Emma, and Ericks brother. Rolf.

One night a mysterious young woman appears before them and Hallad feels an instant unexplainable connection to her. Shortly after she appears a shadow seeps in, and when it takes Emma with it. That night is the turning point in this story.
It changes everything, and none of their lives will ever be the same.

Lots of mystery, adventure, hardship, deceit...and also comedy in this one :D It was a quick read because I never wanted to put it down. The Norse mythology aspects of this book were a risk in my opinion, but the author added them fairly seamlessly and they worked :D There were no real lulls. Bonded kept me engaged and entertained throughout it's entirety. A definite recommend :D  Can't wait till the next installment ;)

Also, there's a fun little quiz on Mande Matthews website
"Are You Touched by the Shadow or by the Light?"

Apparently I'm a Shadow Walker ;)
What a great touch :D

Friday, February 7, 2014

Book Review Under The Dome

Title: Under The Dome
Author: Stephen King
Pages: 1074

Let me start by saying that I have adored Stephen King for many....many years ;) Some of my favorites are Misery, Salem's Lot, Night Shift and The Tommyknockers. However, it has been quite some time since my last King experience. 

The characters in this book were many (35 at my last count) but the most notable were Dale Barbara...aka Barbie, Big Jim Rennie, Junior Rennie, and Julia Shumway. 
For myself, the lasting impression awards go to...Insert drum-roll... 
Rusty Everett, a Physician assistant who reluctantly takes over the hospital after the town doctor dies. He bucks the system...I like that ;)
Sammy Bushey, a young single mother doing the best she is capable of doing to take care of Little Walter, her son. 
 And Scarecrow Joe, 13 year old boy genius. His questioning mind uncovers the secret of the dome ;)

The story explores how the "average" small town might react if cut off from the outside world and placed under extreme environmental duress. Doubtless what our own environment could become, but at a much faster pace. All of which takes place in a fictional little place called Chester's Mill and as you may have guessed, under a transparent impenetrable dome.

Kings ability to describe the depths and heights human beings are capable of reaching if given the chance has always been one of my favorite things about his writing. And in this he did not disappoint. He covers the gambit. Drug abuse, murder, even necrophilia. All of which are not gone into so deeply as to be disturbing. King also has a tendency to lighten the heavy subject matter with humor. 

At times I didn't feel I needed to know every thought that every character was thinking. I wanted to cut to the meat of the story. If I wasn't so damned obsessive I probably would have skimmed, but who am I kidding? It completely goes against my nature and therefore....can not happen ;) But I also found there were moments I could not put this book down. Chunks of pages that flew by until I finally found myself at page 1074. 

And as I closed the cover I felt that pull that tells me I've enjoyed a book. The one that makes me a little bit sad I had to leave the people of Chester's Mill behind to go on with their lives and I with mine.....